About Us

Warm & Homey

We would love to have you in our humble coffee abode. The perfect cool weather of Sagada showers freshness of pine trees to our guests as they nestle up beside a fire or underneath the sheets.

Cozy Rooms

We want you to feel at home so we had custom solid wood beds, hotel mattresses, privacy curtains, clean sheets and your personal light and overhead console to let you be yourself in our bunk beds.

Calming View

Partly secluded from the hustle & bustle of town, our place offers unrestricted views of the sunrise. The fresh Sagada pine scented air also enters our huge natural light window set-up as well.

Coffee Farm Tours & Berry Harvest

Weather-permitting & for a minimal facilitation charge, we pride ourselves in enabling selected guests to partake in a pioneering coffee berry picking activity. Never has this been done before.

Sumptuous Food

We would love you to have a taste of Filipino food with a fusion of endemic & fresh ingredients. We have a simple menu that we hope to entice you with.... or, freshly baked bread is always a winner.